This image courtesy of Bitna Chung Photography

Andrew Cecka is a musician, producer, real estate investor, community organizer, and financial professional in the Portland, Oregon area.  He moved from Madison, Wisconsin in 2008 to experience the natural beauty, art, music, and career opportunities that this magnificent little city offers. In 2013, he married his soul mate, Mo, and they recently founded Momo Flower Farm together.

Andrew has worked in the financial industry for 17 years. As a certified financial counselor, he focuses on improving the financial lives of his clients and friends, helping them with credit, budgeting, and planning. He has helped many people take control of their financial lives. 

Community stewardship is something that is very important to Andrew and volunteering is a big part of his life. He has been active on many non-profit boards and he is the founder of the Portland Synth Improvisers Collective, a group that brings synthesizer enthusiasts together to play, share knowledge, and build community through music.

Andrew is a also a musician, primarily playing drums and synthesizer and sometimes producing music or video for limited projects. He mostly plays as a sit-in a drummer, taking gigs as they come up for fun and money. He has most recently played shows with rock/soul bands Brownish Black and Sarasin.

Andrew co-produced an arts and culture segment for 107.1 FM KZME called Neon Frontier with his friend and primary writer, Nora Brooks. He also produced foley and audio for a pair of Unitus Community Credit Union's web ads, one of which can be seen in the gallery.

Andrew is always looking for opportunities to play music, especially drums. He has a broad repertoire of songs and styles, loves learning new material, and is easy to work with. To hire him for drum, synth, or production work, click here.